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Drap form 7 product list

Share the record with your doctors, pharmacists, or other health professionals at all visits. com 6 Rev. If you need help in building your own curtain track kit, let us know and we will be happy to help you with the process and eliminate the 5. 0035 02. Category in which Product is Registered. Add an option element to the select element. The LP Incharge shall demand and accept only those brands of medicines/ disposables/ surgical / implants in day to day LP that are approved by hospital P&TC and shall upload the photograph of received product. Despite the fact that Three patterns are described in this document: Simple List and Details – List Grid – This is the basic SL+D pattern. Provisional List of Firms issued Form - 7(Provisional certificate for enlistment of products) (Import) till March, 2018 Medical Product Alert - Dopacin Injection Maximum Enlistment Brand Name of the Product Common Name of Recommended Pack Retail No. Gliders. 11- Name and Address of Marketing Authorization Holder Skip to form VW Cafe Pro Posttype and Contact Form 7 Plugin. If you need help in building your own curtain track kit, let us know and we will be happy to help you with the process and eliminate the Kidiway - Proudly owned by the DOM Family. Daraz is currently not authorizing sellers to sell in this category until further notice. Memorandum and Article of Association of the Company. 1 AFTIMOONI. 8able, a description of any software to be used with the product If applic 13 5. equivalent of the name-brand drug or a similar product. Mattresses. Renee Butler and Ms. 7 mm LCP Condylar Plate SHAFT HOLES LENGTH 249. Specifically: - examine other batches of product made by Information provided on this Web site is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Find similar products For a full list of excipients, see section 6. is an independent skate and streetwear brand. Snap Drape CN420WC23014 Contour Cover 23 Gallon Slim Jim Black Spandex Rectangular Trash Can Cover. To customize software as per customer's business need and to provide the best possible support after sales for customer's delight. For more in-depth information about the FDA Product Code, see Lessons 1, 3 and 4 of the FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) Product Code • Drug Product – A finished dosage form (e. recalls. 30 day money back guarantee Support teams across the world Safe & Secure online payment QUEST 3+ Product Search. Page 3 of 153 VERSION 10 . Collections. 11. , in the larger public interest. 7 Letter Words Ending With 'drap' There are no 7-letter words ending f) Posology, pharmaceutical form, method and route of administration and expected shelf -life. 2 Finished pharmaceutical product 321 2. Booths 300 sqft or less will receive a 7" x 44" one-line identification sign. 1- Product Name. Eupatorium perfoliatum Ø 0020. 698 4 42 mm 2. of the primary storage form are reached after approximately 7 days. Product Registration Process Flow in Pakistan *QC *QC *QC *QC *QC= Query Compliance (If any) Submission of Product Registration Dossier Expert Committee on Biological Drug Meeting Drug Registration Board (RB) Meeting Expert Reports OR Review Committee Meeting Form-5: Drugs already on sale in Local Market Form 7 Products. Blue. X (if destroyed at site) X. Stephen Rost, Cost/Price Analyst with Air Force Life Cycle Management Center. The Dragon Medical products contain an "Expand dosage abbreviations" setting within their Formatting Options. Drag and drop form builder. Booth Equipment. 2 Stress testing 322 2. You’ll use this ID to refer to the element in code. We help you understand and meet your federal tax responsibilities. Enlistment No. No. Uncompromised sound quality. 1. 0003 37. Titlement Documents of the premises. Text field. (a) The label for an in vitro diagnostic product shall state the following Form W-7 (SP) PDF Instructions for Form W-7 (SP) PDF. 122(d) Are labels for different products, strengths, dosage forms, etc. Form 6-A Punjab. 2021. 0001 35. Form W-4P. S. g. Home Certficate to Import/Manufacture Alternative Medicine and Health Products (Products Form 7) List of Firms issued Form - 7(Provisional PROVISIONAL LIST OF FORM-7 (PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATE FOR ENLISTMENT OF PRODUCTS) IMPORTERS Disclaimer: This is an expended provisional list of Alternative Medicines & Health Products. SBA lenders can participate in two pilot loan programs, Community Advantage and Express Bridge. Product Category. 684 7 66 mm 2. The select list is a real powerhouse, so you should know how to make it: Create the element first. Simple List and Details – Tabular Grid – This is the SL+D pattern that should be used if the number of fields in the “simple list” part of the form is larger than Secure Order Form We have updated our secure order form to include 256-bit SSL encryption to better preserve customer privacy. Ricinus communis Ø 0020. To permit identification of all subjects enrolled in the trial in case follow-up is required. NCLB also have a mechanism for fast track release of the biological products in cases of an emergency such as Earthquakes, floods, natural disasters, pandemics, major epidemics and war etc. . To document destruction of unused investigational products by sponsor or at site . Whilst due care has been taken in preparation of the provisional list. Home. 11- Name and Address of Marketing Authorization Holder Nutraceutical product is a food or fortified food product that not only supplements the diet but also assists in treating or preventing disease (apart from anemia), so provides medical benefits. 15 Latest signed and dated CV’s of investigators 1. If you are using the liquid form of this medication, carefully measure the dose using a special measuring  Apr 25, 2019 The list of survey medicines included 14 core essential medicines from the original patented pharmaceutical products, and lowest price  The first Essential Medicines List was published in 1977, and the first WAtch and Reserve – which all together forms the AWaRe categorization of  Feb 17, 2021 Vitamin D supplementation as an adjuvant therapeutic intervention could be of substantial clinical and economic significance. Pharmaceutical Products. Exhibit Hall Carpet. 3. 12. Since the release of Contact Form 7 5. How Products Are Made explains and details the manufacturing process of a wide variety of products, from daily household items to complicated electronic equipment and heavy machinery. (*1) 2. 305, §211. Samuel Fabric Glider. Booths larger than 300 sqft may receive a 7" x 44" one-line identification sign upon request. 10mg Vitamin C “-“ Vitamin E (USP)……………. com FEE 7 Approval of additional principle of importer 10,000 Enlistment of additional prinicpal manufacturer 8 Transfer of Product form one importer to other impoter or import to local manufacturing 2,000 Change of importer or change from import to local manufacturing 9 Transfer of Product from one manufacturer to another Form-7 License: This type of Drug sales license should be used for the sales of Medicines for Importers, Exporters, Indentors and Manufacturers. 3d\phqw7hup ,whp1dph ,whp'hvfulswlrq 8qlw3ulfh Nutraceutical product is a food or fortified food product that not only supplements the diet but also assists in treating or preventing disease (apart from anemia), so provides medical benefits. Phr_ali91@hotmail. Background Quality issues in pharmaceuticals are identified as a huge global and public health problem, especially with reference to low- and middle-income countries like Pakistan. No. Medicine. The site provides step by step descriptions of the assembly and the manufacturing process (complemented with illustrations and diagrams) Each product also has Are materials spaced to allow for cleaning and inspection? 5. 7 mm LCP L-Plates ABB Library is a web tool for searching for documents related to ABB products and services. Form-5 (Click to Download) 2) Fill an affidavit on Rs. Sec. This includes the following types of This page lists all the 7 letter words that end with 'drap' Word Game Helper. 0037 04. 0002 36. 809. pdf : Download: Form-I (Manufacturer OR Contract Giver. However, keep in mind that not all curtain track systems are available in kit form. CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21. 1/12 6. pdf : Download: Form 7-A Punjab. Use the inventory list template to note items in stock by name, description, and unit price. Certificate of Incorporation. Request for Transcript of Tax Return Use this form to order a transcript or other return Page 7 of 10 (During the planning stage, the following documents should be generated before the conduct of the trial) General YES NO NA 1. Fill out and save the form Adobe Acrobat Reader (9. 201 7. Follow the tabs above to obtain the latest recall information, to report a A number field is a field for numeric value input. You should not use this information on this web site or the information on links from this site to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider. Now my intention was to fill up the list box on the left with some text. Contact Form 7 3. 3 Selection of batches 322 2. 800ug Vitamin A Vitamin C (USP)……………. 50. OMB Number 1545-0074 Certificate of Accuracy Canceling Some d-CON Mouse and Rat Control Products. Find IRS forms and answers to tax questions. Our values and goals. 1 General 321 2. Check List. m. 6. To provide better service in alerting the American people to unsafe, hazardous or defective products, six federal agencies with vastly different jurisdictions have joined together to create www. Grow inReal Team Rayo. Quality Monitoring Checklist P. Caulophyllum thalictroides Ø 0020. From innovative kitchen products to a flexible and fun business opportunity. top 10 largest 1 2f3 27 27 color sony ccd ir dome camera list and get free shipping 3 Historical Development of OTC Drug Regulation 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 OTC Drug Review: Monograph process 1972 Durham-Humphrey Amendent: Contact Form 7 5. FDA Industry Systems (FIS) was created to facilitate making submissions to the U. My Medicine Record (PDF IT-3-Form - Declaration by Salaried Persons: 7 Computerized Payment Receipt (CPR) 8 Tax Deposit Form Stay Connected . To find out what this means for you and your forms, please read the full update. pdf : Download: Form 7-A Import Sindh-Balochistan. 6- Manufacturing Date. 5 Specification 323 To avoid variation in the documents submitted in the form of dossier for registration of Pharmaceutical Products in the different countries of the world it’s important to know the requirements The public information on this website has been incorporated into the European Medicines Agency corporate website. The entire list is encased in the pair. Perfect for offices, manufacturing plants, artists LDAC Features. Information provided on this Web site is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. 9able, a description or complete list of the various configurations/variants of product that will be made If applic available 13 5. 2mg Vitamin B1 the Vitamin B2 (USP If so, you could visit DRAP’s website here and check whether your application has been submitted by performing the following: Divisions >> Medical Devices >> Provisional List Form 7-A Punjab. 3- Name of Active ingredient (s) 4- Strength of Active ingredient (s) 5- Batch Number. Name of Products S. APPLICATION FOR THE GRANT OF REGISTRATION OF MEDICAL DEVICES (FORM 7 LOCAL MANUFACTURER) "Following is the provisional list of applications received for registration of products on FORM-7 with the Division of Medical Devices & Medicated Cosmetics, Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, Islamabad under provision of SRO 32(I)/2018 dated 16-01-2018. Click on the product number in each row to view/download. Read through all plugin details, read theme documentation to learn how to use plugins for additional functionality. Click on column heading to sort the list. Form 7 Products. The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson address some of the most devastating and complex diseases faced in our time. pdf : Download: FORM 7 Local Manufacture. Government recalls. For the latest information, please visit the new dedicated Caldera Forms & add-ons will be sunset/retired on 31 Dec 2021. 11 Ongoing stability studies 320 2. By the time I complete the small sample program, I should be able to drag an item from the list box on the left and to drop it on the list box on the right. In these cases products are released out of que on top priority basis. Attachment K – Notification, Nondistribution, and Recall of Controlled Substances for DOCUMENTATION OF INVESTIGATIONAL PRODUCT DESTRUCTION. Blog Play Games. Helps to kill 99. Join our mailing list and be the first to have access to exclusive discounts, new products, and more. About us. R Sanitizers. The container for the list is a element. Since then, Inline Entity Form has become a popular Drupal module and a recommended way to manage products in Drupal 7. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including registrations, listings, and other notifications. Give the select element an ID. 9- Storage Condition ( Store Below 30 degree) 10- Country’s Registration Number. 4 Container-closure system 323 2. Create payment forms, order forms, registration forms and requests, applications,… captainform 10,000+ active installations Tested with 5. Both text and text* are used for single-line input and accept any form of text. NOC of the concerned Deputy Commissioner. The manufacturing and use of a drug (medicinal) product, including its components, necessarily entail some degree of risk. 200ug Vitamin D3 approved by Vitamin B1 (USP)……………. 10 Statements and labelling 320 2. Select a category (column heading) in the drop down. Name of Product. Forms and Publications (PDF) Enter a term in the Find Box. 106 §211. SIDE DRAPE COLOR. 16 Proof of GCP training of all study team members 1- Product Name. 10. Search By. 1 is now available. Facebook Form W-7 (SP) PDF Instructions for Form W-7 (SP) PDF. Then I added two list boxes using the form designer. (List of Ingredients with Strength) Ingredients Use Size Price 0061. 10mg Vitamin E [As Vitamin D3 (USP)……………. 4 and higher provides two types of form-tag for number fields: number and range. 00398. We've also updated the trusted SSL security certificate to 2048-bit encryption. 2. 7 Storage conditions 315 2. Snap Drape 54712020NL010 White Milan Classic Linen Cloth Napkin, 20" x 20" - 12/Pack. Search DRAP. PKasperAssociates. Of course there are numerous event that need handling, like selecting a value. The Excel inventory template also tracks stock reorder level, reorder time, quantity to reorder, and whether the item is discontinued to help you stay on top of your ordering. Nutraceuticals are not tested and regulated to the extent of pharmaceutical drugs. On October 6, 2021, from 1300 to 1500, join DAU faculty Dr. Snap Drape WV Clear Plastic Table Skirt Clip with Velcro® Attachment - 100/Bag. §211. 686 3 35 mm 249. Select list. g) Reasons for any precautionary and safety measures to be taken for the storage of the medicinal product, its administration to patients and for the disposal of waste products, These curtain track kits include the curtain track, carriers, end stops, and mounting brackets necessary for installation. On this page: Basic information on the cancellation. First you need to upload zip file (vw-cafe-pro-posttype-zip) of posttype plugin. Pharmaceutical. Cosmetic. 9 Evaluation 319 2. 8-lb bag Fully Cooked Grilled Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Strips with Rib Meat 25489-0247 0021DXT10, 0041DXT10, 0111DXT10, Canceling Some d-CON Mouse and Rat Control Products. To create reliable & secure cloud based software solutions using latest & robust technologies that bring values to our client's business. High reliability. * If the recipient(s) do not receive an email within 2 minutes after clicking the form send button, please ask them to check their spam folder or make sure you entered the correct email address . 16 Proof of GCP training of all study team members Recalls. Michelle Currier for a special edition of the DPC "Striking the Balance" pricing series featuring Mr. list of these disposables shall be forwarded to PITB of configuration online LP system. List of PAKISTAN STANDARDS SPECIFICATIONS on ORAL PRODUCTS. 1387720(Gel) Tested by PSQCA:Ref. QCC-4(360)19-20. Happy Buyers. pdf : Download: Form 7-A Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 8- Route of Administration. PSQCA has developed Pakistan standard for “SULPHUR” PS 5449/2020. 1. pdf : Download List of Products received FORM-7 from DRAP alongwith their enlistment numbers. The information on this page is current as of April 1 2020. COMPLETED SUBJECT IDENTIFICATION CODE LIST. The entire list is affected as a group. The 7 (a) loan program is the SBA's primary program for providing financial assistance to small businesses. 142(a) Are all finished products held in quarantine until QC has completed its testing and releases product on a batch to batch basis for sale? 7. LDAC is a certificated codec of "Hi-Res Audio Wireless". 2020. When we started developing Commerce 2. Chamomilla Ø 0020. These curtain track kits include the curtain track, carriers, end stops, and mounting brackets necessary for installation. In this article, I will show you detailed information about the usage and semantics of these form-tags. 2- Dosage Form. Drap gives permission to A. IT-3-Form - Declaration by Salaried Persons: 7 Computerized Payment Receipt (CPR) 8 Tax Deposit Form Stay Connected . 5-2019) Form W-7 (COA) (May 2019) Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Certificate of Accuracy for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number See Publication 4520 Form use only by IRS Certifying Acceptance Agents when submitting Form W-7. Form 8 Products. Sign in and put your creative energy to work. 26-A, . FIS has been available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, since October 16, 2003 6:00 p. one two three four. Join us, host a party, shop online, find great recipes & more. 10 If applicable, a description of the accessories, and other products that are intended to be used in Regulatory Procedures Manual July 2021 Chapter 7 Recall Procedures MAN-000010 . , stored  Dropbox is a modern workspace designed to reduce busywork-so you can focus on the things that matter. Notification Check List, Import Manufacturer Check List, HOTC, Download. (PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATE FOR ENLISTMENT OF PRODUCTS). Page 1 of 7 HOMOEOPATHIC MOTHER TINCTURES S. This is the pattern that should be used by default. Go to Dashboard >> plugin >> Add New >> Upload plugin. Facebook News. Snap Drape FV Clear Plastic Table Skirt Clip with Velcro® Attachment - 100/Bag. Consumer Product Safety Commission Attn: Reports 4330 East West Highway Bethesda, MD 20814 Keep track of parts and products with this inventory template for Excel. gov -- a "one stop shop" for U. Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments. 2. Close. • Similar products are used for the same purpose but may have different ingredients, strength, flavor, dosage form or package size. The public pages of the current EudraVigilance website have been decommissioned, but Registered EudraVigilance users will continue to access the restricted area as usual. Customers must ensure that the products selected will provide the necessary security functionality for their architecture. The risk to its quality is just one component of the overall risk. You may be able to enter information on forms before saving or printing. gov. Process to apply for a Drug sales License: 1) Fill a prescribed form-5 in Drug Rules. In Contact Form 7’s convention, all types of tags with an asterisk ‘*’ mean When I had a problam like this a few months ago, the only solution I found was to, using javascript, convert the drop down list into a ul/li drop down menu, which I could style. pdf : Download: Form 7 Complete List (1st to 24th Meeting) Local Manufacturers Updated. 0. • If you choose a product that is unavailable or not in stock, a similar product may be substituted at no additional charge. This is a maintenance release that includes several improvements and bug fixes. Registration Number by. Form 4506-T. The terms and conditions, like the guaranty percentage and loan amount, may vary by the type of loan. Verify IRB approval is current for all documents (e. 2 ARQ - E - BADIYAN. Established in 2019, Drap7 Skate Co. 99% GERMS without water. Medical equivalent of the name-brand drug or a similar product. It is important to understand that product quality should be maintained throughout the product lifecycle such that the This feature enables you to share a Wish List with the recipient(s) of your choice. EDT. The table below provides detail on which abbreviations are covered under this setting and what the expansions are. Reevo Glider. The 2011 “Fake Drug Crisis” acted as a driving force to reform the regulatory structures of the country and for establishing the autonomous “Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan”. Years of experience. Get your refund status. 7. click on the install now button and activate best top pakistan export products offers list and get free shipping. The difference between them is that text* connotes a required field. The click on the "File" button in the Contact Form 7 editor feature list above the editor box. 0 and higher versions) 3. If you have any questions on a current order, please call (530) 534-1210 or TOLL-FREE 1-866-735-6237. PSQCA has developed Pakistan standard for “Seasonal Performance Factor of Air Conditioner” PS ISO 16358. EPA has reached agreement with Reckitt Benckiser, the manufacturer, to cancel 12 d-CON rat and mouse poison products, listed in the table below, which will help prevent risks to children, pets and wildlife. R NUTRACEUTICAL PHARMA (PVT) LTD The FDA Product Code is a seven-character alphanumeric string composed of five components, the Product Industry Code, the Class Code, the Subclass Code, the Process Indicator Code, and the Group Code. These work the same except that they provide different types of user interface. If your product us approved, you would be able to see this in: Divisions >> Medical Devices >> Provisional List Registered-Enlisted Medical Devices Drap form 6 complete list pdf download - Application Form, Form-II (Enlistment of Importer), HOTC, Download. Copy of Form 29 submitted with Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan 9. List of Directors. PSQCA has developed Pakistan standard for “MINERAL TURPENTINE (2 nd REVISION) ” PS 703/2020. DRAP. M/s Add Health Pharma, House # 108, St. 7- Expiration Date. Medicines. Page 7 of 10 (During the planning stage, the following documents should be generated before the conduct of the trial) General YES NO NA 1. 370 12 97 mm 2. 7. DRAP Product Registration Flow Chart 1. For the most up-to-date version of CFR Title 21, go to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR). 699 4 42 mm 2. R NUTRACEUTICAL PHARMA (PVT) LTD List other batches and products possibly affected, the results of investigation of these batches and products, and any corrective action. the entire duration of use of the device without regard to “DRAP Act” means the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan Act, in accordance with the requirements as prescribed in rules 5, 6, 7 and 8 The seller must provide DRAP form 6 and DRAP form 7 to Seller Support in order to get approval to sell within this category. Kasper & Associates www. , protocol, informed consent, Product Compliant List The products listed below must be considered in the context of the environment of use, including appropriate risk analysis and system accreditation requirements. September 30, 2021. Attachment K – Notification, Nondistribution, and Recall of Controlled Substances for 7 | P a g e 3. 0001. Note: The dosage abbreviations within this table cannot be changed individually. Our designs are inspired by all forms of art and the countless creative humans influencing culture across the globe. Product Registration Process Flow in Pakistan. 01. x for Drupal 8, we ported over Inline Entity Form and the previous approach to managing products, but now we’re ready to take another step forward to advance the usability and 352),/(,7(06 &203$1< 1$0( &rqwdfw1dph (pdlo 3krqh $gguhvv ,whp1dph ,whp'hvfulswlrq 8qlw3ulfh /hdg7lph. Sign up * Please send me emails providing fitness tips, discounts, offers and reminders from ProForm to the email address provided above. LATEST NEWS. PROVISIONAL LIST OF FORM-7. Click Find. 8 Stability commitments 318 2. The new form-tag types, number and range, correspond with the HTML5 input types number and range, respectively. 687 3 35 mm 249. 7 mm LCP Adaption Plate SHAFT HOLES LENGTH 247. Echinacea angustifolia Ø 0020. Pay your taxes. 10 Labeling for in vitro diagnostic products. 2: Finished Product Inspection, Sampling, Testing, and Release for Distribution 7. LDAC enables the transmission of audio content, including High Resolution (Hi-Res) Audio, at the maximum bitrate of 990kbps even over a Bluetooth. Request for Transcript of Tax Return Use this form to order a transcript or other return Once you have filled out the form, keep a printed copy with you at all times. With advanced biologic and other treatments, Janssen is investing in a transformative future, changing the way diseases are prevented, intercepted, treated and cured. IMPORTERS 7. Each 10' x 10' booth will be set with 8' high blue and white back drape and 3' blue side dividers. Mentha piperita Ø 0020. Linda Fabric Glider. , tablet, capsule, or solution) that contains a drug substance, generally but not necessarily in association with one or more other ingredients 5. 7 mm LCP L-Plates, oblique right, 2 holes head SHAFT HOLES LENGTH 249. 4 last February, a lot of problems have been reported and most of them have turned out to be caused by interference from other plugins or the theme used on the site. -- Please Select -- Product Name Product Registration Number Holder Name Manufacturer Name Importer Active Ingredient. HEALTH PRODUCTS Heath product are defined as finished labeled products in pharmaceutical dosage forms, which are usually low risk ingredients that are intended to restore, correct, modify physiological functions by exerting pharmacological, immunological or metabolic actions. 8. 0001 Bio Life’s Biopro-m Tablets Each tablet contains:-Vitamin A (USP)……………. Certificate of Commencement of Business (if applicable). DRAP-Permission No. gov send the form via postal mail to: U. Medicines & Supplies . E-mail the form to clearinghouse@cpsc. 12 Updated 2 years ago Recall 023 -2021 Product List . Name of Products Enlistment No. 00 stamp papers as prescribed (Click to Download- Affidavit) Page 1 of 7 HOMOEOPATHIC MOTHER TINCTURES S. "Best effort" mode controls bitrate automatically depending on the 2. 4. 0036 03. A. 142(o) Is finished product stored under appropriate conditions of temperature, humidity, light, etc. Bermuda Leather Glider. FIS was created, in part, in response to the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 Form W-4 (SP) Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate (Spanish version) 2005. The strong  All products manufactured by Medics receive “FORM 7” product enlistment certificate (market issued by Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP). This open the file upload dialogue box where  Follow all directions on the product package. Form W-7 (COA)Catalog Number 56020G (Rev. 13. 14 List of Ethics Committee members 1. Regulatory Procedures Manual July 2021 Chapter 7 Recall Procedures MAN-000010 . 7 mm LCP L-Plates, oblique left, 2 holes head SHAFT HOLES LENGTH 249. When I had a problam like this a few months ago, the only solution I found was to, using javascript, convert the drop down list into a ul/li drop down menu, which I could style.